Frequently Asked Questions


The actuator stops and starts during lifting or lowering?
The actuator is stalled and a clicking sound is audible?
The actuator makes a grinding noise when lifting a person but no noise when there is no load?
My actuator makes a clicking sound when I attempt to use my lift.
The actuator will either go up or down but not both.
There is a grinding sound inside the actuator when lifting.


The lights on the control box are not lit and I can’t recharge the batteries?
The lights on the control box go to amber/red when I use the lift?


Battery Indicator shows full charge but the lift will not operate?
The lift needs constant charging?
Two beeps are audible and lift runs slowly or stops and starts?
Three beeps are audible and lift stops with only red light visible?
Three long beeps are audible and lift won’t operate?
I need to recharge my batteries often or they fail to hold a charge when I charge them.
When I plug my charger into the control box I see no lights on the battery indicator.
My lift will not operate and battery indicator has no lights illuminated.


The lift will not operate and there is no clicking sound when the hand control buttons are pressed?


Hydraulic Pump won't lift Boom.
Air trapped inside Hydraulic Cylinder needs to be bled out.