Pediatric Slings

U RPD1000 P Fits

Pediatric slings are specialty slings designed for use with children.  This is a “hammock” style sling with added upper thigh support.  Unlike the common split-leg sling, each thigh is supported individually and both thighs are kept close together by an additional secure loop.  Other features include padded legs, removable head-shell, security belt, and pleasant nursery graphics.  The pediatric sling is also available in Mesh for wet applications.

Material Type Part Number Description Size Weight Capacity
Polyester, Padded SL-PP121 Padded  Pediatric 100LB or Less
Mesh SL-PM111 Mesh  Pediatric 100LB or Less

Please note the video is just a demo of lift and transfer and the sling used is not a pediatric sling.