Sani (Toileting) Slings

    Sani Fits

    Sani-Slings are made for maximum functionality and patient dignity. Eliminates need for poorly designed slings with commode opening.  Easy to apply and use. These slings are well padded under the arms and lumbar region for maximum comfort.  The Sani-Sling also works extremely well on Stand Assist lifts for patients requiring lower back and body support during a sitting transfer. Available in four different sizes.

    Material Type Part Number Description Size Chest Weight Capacity
    Polyester, Deluxe Padded SL-TP331 Padded S 26″-42″ 400LB
    SL-TP332 Padded M 30″-48″ 400LB
    SL-TP333 Padded L 38″-60″ 450LB
    SL-TP334 Padded XXL 58″-73″ 600LB