Disposable Full Body Slings

R RD G HC Fits

Full body slings with commode opening now available in single patient disposable format. Bestcare Single Patient Specific (SPS) slings are a cost effective method for controlling cross contamination and serve as an excellent alternative to reusable slings whose cost accumulates over time with required upkeep and laundering.  Simplify your sling inventory management. When more slings are available, staff can assign a sling to each individual resident.  No more sharing slings.  No chasing down slings that have gone missing with the laundry. Latex free and proof load tested at 1.5 times the safe working load.  SPS slings are intended to be used with a single patient only and cannot be laundered.  When soiled, dispose of the sling accordingly.
Material Part Number Description Size Best Fit Weight Capacity
Polyester, Acrylic coated SL-RD114 Disposable w/ commode opening M 100LB-195LB 600LB
SL-RD115 Disposable w/ commode opening L 150LB-300LB 600LB
SL-RD116 Disposable w/ commode opening XL 210LB-400LB 600LB
SL-RD141 Disposable w/ commode opening XXL 290LB-600LB 600lB

∗ 10 Units per Box.