BestLift® PL228

The BestLift® PL228 – Full Body Patient Lift

A perfect blend of form and function for patient transfers. With an overall base length of 44.9”, maximum width of 42.9”, and base height of 4.5”, it is the perfect solution for transferring bariatric patients in small rooms with low beds

Model Number Description
PL228 BestLift 228 Battery Operated Patient Lift
Bestcare Slings BestSling Series: Universal, Toileting, Stand Assist, Pediatric Slings    
Replacement Slings Replacement Slings: Arjo, Guldmann, Hoyer, Invacare, Liko Compatible Slings    
Disposable Slings Disposable Single Patient Specific Slings   

The PL228 features:

  • 500lb capacity
  • Dual front castors
  • New electronics with 24/7 capability
  • New hand operated base opening