SA400H/HE – Mini Compact Sit-to-Stand Lift

The BestStand™ SA400H/HE Mini are our latest innovative design for quick and easy sit-to-stand transfer. They are small and compact. Easy to maneuver in tight space. Available in both hydraulic and electric.

Main features:

  • 400lb Capacity
  • Unique T-bar design for quick lifting action
  • Hyraulic with optional electric upgrade
  • Adjustable knee pad
  • Detachable foot plate
Product Name/Material Part Number Description Size Chest Weight Capacity
Stand Assist Sling (Disposable)

Material: Non-woven Polypropylene

SL-DSA662 Padded (10/cs) M 30″-46″ 400LB
SL-DSA663 Padded (10/cs) L 34″-53″ 600LB
Stand Assist Sling (Reusable)

Material: Polyester

SL-SA661 Deluxe Padded S 26″-42″ 400LB
SL-SA662 Deluxe Padded M 30″-46″ 400LB
SL-SA663 Deluxe Padded L 34″-53″ 450LB
SL-SA664 Deluxe Padded XXL 46″-64″ 600LB
SL-SA669 Buttock Support Strap Standard  N/A 400LB
SL-SA669B Buttock Support Strap Bariatric  N/A 600LB
WP-SA400E-KB Calf Support Strap/Knee Belt Standard  N/A N/A
Sani Toileting Sling (Resuable)

Material: Polyester

SL-TP331 Deluxe Padded S 26″-42″ 400LB
SL-TP332 Deluxe Padded M 30″-48″ 600LB
SL-TP333 Deluxe Padded L 38″-60″ 400LB
SL-TP334 Deluxe Padded XXL 58″-73″ 600LB

SA400H/HE showed with Sani/Toileting Sling

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