BestOverhead™ – Ceiling Track Lift (TL) Products

BestOverhead™ Ceiling Track Lift (TL) Products offer intelligent design and complete flexibility, making it the preferred choice for home care, institutional, and hospital uses. BestOverhead™ has options of a fixed and a portable overhead lifters with vast versatility. Combine BestOverhead™ with an wall track option for an effective and highly adaptable full room coverage lift system. The patented hooks on the spreader bar ensure safe, simple sling attachment while the ergonomic hand control enables a safe and easy transfer.

  • Max. capacity 275 kg / 600 Lb
  • Length of lifting strap 2200 mm / 87″
  • Lifting Interval: 1950mm | 76.8″
  • Weight 6.7 kg / 15Lb w/o spreader bar
  • Measurements 320 x 130 mm
  • Battery operation 36 V, lead acid batteries
  • Charging 100 – 240 V, 0.5A.
  • Chassis Aluminium
  • Housing High impact, moulded ABS
  • Noise Lwa during lifting/lowering without load is 49dB(A)
  • Lwa during lifting/lowering at maximum load is 53dB(A)
  • Lifting speed down 44 mm/sec with 89 kg load
  • Lifting speed up 30 mm/sec with 89 kg load
  • No. of lifts per charge 50 lifts of 0.5 m with 100 kg
  • ISO ISO 10535


  • Market leading design and functionality.
  • IPx4 protection class. Tolerates watering.
  • Patented hooks on spreader bar, simple and safe to use, with a range to suit standard, paediatric and bariatric needs.
  • Versatility for fixed and portable applications.
  • Clean and simple state-of-the-art-design.
  • Weight capacity of up to 275kg / 605 lbs.
  • Easy charging via hand control.
  • Available IPx7 hand control that can be immersed in water.

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The dimensions of the spreader bar varies depending on the model. Consult the Technical manual for further specifications. All figures and measurements are for guidance only and may differ in actual situations. Bestcare reserves the right to changes without notice. Product photos may include accessories. Please consult your dealer.

Wall-Track System


BestOverhead™ Ceiling Track Lift can be described as a fixed and portable ceiling hoist in one and the same unit, a truly unique feature. Changing BestOverhead™ from fixed to portable mode, and vice versa, can be done within seconds by simply detaching and reattaching the unit to the track. No tools are needed.

Bestcare’s Wall-Track represents a revolution in tracking techniques. The Wall-Track is a thin profile blending into the home and institutional environment, removing the need for unsightly conventional wall or ceiling brackets. Wall-Track can be mounted on most wall types. It used with the BestOverhead™ ceiling Track lift, the Wall-Track and traverse bar provide safe, total room lifting coverage, regardless of room layout or furnishings. More versatile than conventional ceiling track, Wall-Track easily installs in rooms with vaulted, uneven or disrupted ceilings without the need for expensive bracing. The flexibility of the Wall-Track system means that traverse systems may be transferred simply, easily and quickly from one room to another.

Lift capacity: 200-275kg / 440-606lbs


  • Unique wall mounted track solution.
  • Exceptionally discreet and functional.
  • Can be fitted to most wall constructions.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Can be used to support light shelving, room dividers or curtains.

BestRail™ Ceiling Track System

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Overhead Tracks for Smooth Transfer

The BestRail™ moves smoothly along powder-coated aluminum ceiling track systems to safely and comfortably transport an individual in a variety of lifting situations. The tracking is designed for a low visual profile, optimal span distances and ease of installation.

Our ceiling track options can work together for flexible room coverage systems and can adjust to various weight requirements.  And our unique door connecting gate system can facilitate room-to-room transfers. 

Lift capacity: 200-275kg / 440-606lbs


  • An efficient solution for situations where a specific, point-to-point lifting need has been identified.
  • Aluminum tracks offer strong lifting capacity, suitable for bariatric lifting needs.
  • Switches and turntables can be utilized to change paths and accommodate the individual and room needs.
  • Door connectors can be installed to facilitate room-to-room transfer situations.

Ceiling Track Curved Option

curved track_image_1140X400

The ceiling mount track also has the curved option, straight and curved tracking options can combine easily to create an efficient path around obstacles. Curved tracking come with 3 different angles. See more details.

 Room-To-Room System

Door Connector

Door connectors are used for patient transfer from room to room. As a wall mounted solution, is the preferred choice by architects and building contractors, because of its elegant and compact design. The door connector is suitable for most wall widths.  And because it is mounted very close to the wall surface taking up little space in the room, the desired room covering area is exploited optimally. 

  • Manual operation – no costly electrical installations required
  • Traverse is locked and unlocked by simply pulling the cord
  • Compact and discreet
  • Several models to suit individual configurations
  • Fail safe mechanical features

BestOverhead™ Control System


BestOverhead™ is now IPx4 tested for wet environments allowing safe transfers in bathrooms free of the risk of lift failure if the unit is inadvertently showered with water. The hand controls are IPx4 tested, tolerating exposure to showering and full immersion in water, respectively. In addition to the standard powered emergency lowering function on the hand control, there is now a second emergency manual lowering function on the BestOverhead™ itself, easily operated in the unlikely event of a complete lift failure.

Hand Control and Wall Charge                                               IPX7 Screw Lock Connector

PENDNT & STATION                                                                                                   

 Charging through the ergonomic hand control and wall / table charger. Emergency lowering function. A secure and reliable mechanism to hook up the hand control to the BestOverhead™ ceiling lift.